24/7 Emergency Assistance

In some areas of the US, major storms and the debris that comes with them can cause serious damage to homes and especially to the roof that is covering and protecting it. In Atlantic and Gulf States as well as states that are adjacent to them, hurricanes can do as much damage as a tornado, including serious flooding inland. In any case, if you incur sudden, unexpected storm damage to the roof on your home, you need to be able to contact a 24/7 emergency roofing assistance professional to restore it to its original condition. And that is where we step in.

Experienced and reliable roofers

We have been in business for years and have helped innumerable families with emergency repairs after sudden storms and hurricanes. We cannot fight nature but we can definitely help you stay safe even after the roof has been damaged.

Our team of emergency response experts is always ready to handle your needs. They are trained professionals who are highly skilled and experienced at dealing with all types of emergency roofing assistance. We will carefully examine and analyze your roof for any hidden or visible storm damage in order to identify the source of any leaking areas as well as any other potential problems that could arise in the future. In addition to our evaluation of your roof’s condition, you can be assured that our rates are very affordable.

Storm related issues and considerations

Some of the more common problems that we identify as storm-related and can provide an emergency solution for include these 3:

  • Deteriorating pipe boot – this particular type of flashing serves as the boot around the base of an exposed pipe. This is comprised of numerous components that may crack or peel away from the base of the pipe, damage that is commonly attributed to harsh weather.
  • Deteriorating shingles – it is always important to have an idea of when the roof on your home was originally installed. This will enable our specialists to estimate how much longer it should last based on the current condition.
  • Rotting fascia – the lower section of the roof covering the eaves is referred to as the “fascia.” When debris builds up above the rain gutter, this will contribute to the rotting of the fascia. Moisture gets into the eaves when that fascia is leaking. Mold and/or rot start spreading rampantly as a result causing an even bigger, costlier problem.

Thus, we ask our customers and potential clients to call us immediately after the damage is noticed. For more information on our 24/7 emergency roofing assistance, please contact us today and speak with one our company specialists. To ensure that you and your family is safe, we have a team of roofers available at all times especially during the stormy weather. We’ll reach you anywhere in the city within 20-30 minutes and employ our skills to ensure that makeshift repairs are done, especially at night before we start on permanent damage control.