Commercial Roofing Natick MA

As a locally owned and operated commercial roofing Natick contractor, we specialize in all aspects of roof installation, maintenance, and repair. Although they are similar in some respects, there are a number of differences to be aware of when comparing commercial roofing with its residential counterpart. Since each type of roof has its own unique types of challenges, the same is true for the roofing contractors that install or repair them. Our company typically deals with two types of roofs, those with low slopes and those with steep slopes. Commercial roofs are generally categorized as low slope roofs.


The average commercial low slope roof normally includes what we refer to as a flat roof system. These are extremely common among commercial and industrial structures. The slope is typically 14° or less on commercial roofs while the primary focus of this type of roof are the weather membranes offering beneficial surface components and structural support. As a result, commercial roofs afford very little deflection and drainage of natural water. So the priority focus must be on the installation or replacement of weatherproof materials.


Furthermore, the materials used in the installation or repair of a commercial roof must provide specific elements including solar reflectivity and fire resistance while strengthening the structure at the same time. As the premier commercial roofing company in Natick, we have been serving commercial and residential clients alike in the local community and surrounding areas for over 20 years. Whether it’s installing, maintaining, or repairing, you can be assured that we can handle any commercial roofing project efficiently and professionally, no matter how big or how small it is.


Our commercial roofing Natick company has been committed to providing the highest quality craftsmanship and materials to our customers since our first day in business while offering the most outstanding customer service possible. Whenever you hire us to install your new roof or perform preventative maintenance and repair your existing one, we will complete these tasks as cost-effectively as possible. Plus, we can assist you whenever you have a damage claim by working with you and your insurance provider.


There are 5 different commercial roofing services that we perform on a regular basis including:


  • Inspections – our inspection service can provide you with a baseline examination of your current roof’s overall condition. If there are minor repairs to do, our technicians will complete it there and then.


  • Maintenance – a physical inspection to determine the roof’s condition is normally the first step in maintaining any commercial roof. From missing roof slats to reinforcing the nails, we’ll do what is needed. If it requires extensive repairs, we’ll offer a written estimate for your approval.


  • Repairs – this usually involves making additions or adjustments to an existing roof including caulking, fixing leaks, and re-coating. We’ll evaluate the condition and provide you with a written quote.
  • Re-Roofing – these jobs are oftentimes referred to as “tear-offs and recovers.” It is the process wherein a new roof is installed when the existing system fails. After the expert technicians evaluate the condition, estimate the cost and provide a free quote.
  • Restoration – this includes repairing and re-surfacing a commercial roof so it is restored to a durable and useful condition, but may also involve major repairs to the existing roof system.

We have a bevy of qualified roofers that have years of hands-on experience with different types of roofs. From installation to maintenance and repairs, we do it all. Whether you need the shingles replaced or re-installed or the gutters cleaned to restoration of old roofs, please give us a call.

We have been in business for decades and our strong network of technicians and roofers ensure that your issues are rectified immediately. We have a 24-hours hotline and emergency services if needed. Our business representatives will be glad to schedule an appointment, as per your convenience.

On a closing note, when you have a commercial roofing Natick issue that has to be dealt with cost-effectively and professionally, you can rely on our company to get the job done right the first-time so that you can focus on what is important to you – your business. We’ll take care of the rest.