Leak Repair and Prevention Services

Inspecting your roof in fall and spring along with a preventative maintenance schedule are the two essential keys for extending its lifespan. Services such as these are best provided by an experienced and licensed roofing contractor that is skilled in leak repair and prevention. The time to start is now, although it should have been done since Day 1. In other words, your approach to inspecting and maintaining your roof should be proactive, not reactive. This is the only way to maximize your roof system’s lifespan and protect your home.


Our company now provides customers with preventative roof maintenance schedules in order to maintain the integrity and quality of their roof. However, we also provide expert roof leak repair among our comprehensive line of roofing services. Basically, these two services are best done in conjunction with one another. Remember, the longer a roof leak goes undetected or is neglected, the greater the risk of costly property damage and expensive repairs in the future. Furthermore, the best time to check for roof leaks is immediately following heavy rains. And we offer preventive maintenance subscription at low prices to ensure that our clients never have to suffer a damaged roof. Our technicians will be right over as and when you need them or will make a visit every few weeks or month, as scheduled and check for minor repair requirements. Whether the tiles have blown off during the storm or there is a slight leak, we’ll be able to repair it immediately to ensure that it doesn’t become a bigger expense.


In order to exceed your expectations, we go beyond roofing industry standards in order to assure that you will always have our company to assist you in keeping your roof as healthy as possible. Our preventative maintenance schedule includes:

  • assurance that roof maintenance is conducted in fall and spring and provide follow-up exam and inspection
  • detailed reports of your roof’s condition at the time of inspection
  • digital pictures of affected areas needing attention
  • professional assistance from us should another contractor be brought in to address non-roof leak issues (e.g. plumbers for leaking pipes)
  • scaled down drawings of your roof system in their entirety

Additionally, as a new or first-time customer, you will be added to our company database. Our system tracks your history with us including pertinent manufacturer information as well as every project to date. We take leak prevention seriously and so should you. If you suspect that you may have a leak issue or if you just want a rundown of our comprehensive line of services, please contact us immediately and speak with a company representative. We’ll be glad to help you get complete roofing requirements including leak repairs and preventive services at the most affordable prices.