Commercial Snow Removal

Nothing threatens the structural integrity of a commercial roof more than the stress that results from a massive build-up of snow. The weight of a heavy snowfall can push the tolerance levels of your roof to hazardous limits if left unattended. The only way to relieve that stress and prevent the roof from collapsing is by hiring a commercial snow removal service to clear it. If left unattended, a roof that is laden with heavy snow can result in more serious issues such as:

  • Considerable building damage
  • Damaging or destroying building contents
  • Endangering the lives of people inside the building
  • Roof damage

Furthermore, it can dramatically reduce or even stop productivity and result in huge financial losses. Additionally, many roof defects are attributed to winter’s freeze-thaw cycle that occurs when the weather begins to warm up. The bottom line is that this will cause a roof to start leaking and your property inside the building is going to get damaged and ruined. Thus, it is best to call in our specialists before the winters start so that we can evaluate the condition of the roof and suggest remedial measures so that the snow doesn’t damage the roof. We always recommend preventive management for our customers so that they stay safe at all times.

About Our Services

The removal of excess snow is an essential aspect of maintaining a commercial roof. At our commercial snow removal service, we not only have a team of dedicated staff but each of them is licensed and insured. Additionally, we do not hire snow removal equipment but own all the required equipment and tools, which makes it easy for us to remove snow when needed.

We offer a number of commercial snow removal services and ice removal services including:

  • 24/7 emergency response service for ice and snow removal
  • Adherence to safety guidelines and measures
  • Competitive, cost-effective rates for storm emergencies (hourly rates apply)
  • Preventative solutions for roof maintenance
  • Professional crew members who are trained in safe ice and snow removal
  • Proper equipment utilized in snow removal
  • Safe removal of ice and snow without damaging building interior and roof system
  • Years of combined snow and ice removal experience

In addition to the above, we pay special attention to those areas exposed to heavy snow drifts such as elevation changes, firewalls, parapet, penthouses, rooftop equipment, etc. Don’t risk injury to your employees or damage to your property. Our professionally skilled and trained field experts will safely remove the snow from your roof. We only use fall protection equipment that is OSHA-approved so that commercial snow removal is conducted properly and safely. Plus, our employees a very knowledgeable of commercial roofing systems and know about protecting it during snow removal. Most importantly, we will be able to effectively clear your roof without voiding the builder’s and/or manufacturer’s warranty. Call us today to know more about our services and keep our contact information handy so we can be of assistance immediately.

Retail/Industrial Roof Installation

During the many years that we have been installing retail/industrial roofing, our team of roofing professionals has always contended that no job was too big or too small for us to handle. For the business/property owner who is having an industrial or retail structure built, investing in the right roof can be somewhat daunting and even a bit overwhelming. There is so much to think about, that you can lose focus on what is most important and that is the operation of your business. Rest assured, we will take the stress and worry out of having a new roof installed.

Choosing the Right Roof

Whether you are in the construction phase of a new location or are planning on replacing your existing roof, you need to know what types of retail/industrial roofing systems are available. Basically, there are 4 types to select from:

  • EPDM roofing – characterized by its longevity, EPDM roof systems feature superior durability and offer more flexibility than other retail/industrial roofing systems. Compared to other systems, installation, maintenance, and repair is typically easier with EPDM roofing.
  • Green roofing – these types of roofing systems have grown exponentially in popularity over the past few years. These flat roofing systems are completely (or at the very least partially) covered with soil and vegetation that has been on top of a waterproofing foundation. Their popularity is attributed to their heat-reducing and insulation improving qualities.
  • Photovoltaic panels – PV solar panels absorb sunlight in order to convert it into energy for powering the building they are mounted on. As America becomes more energy conscious, mounting PV solar panels on your existing roofing system is becoming an increasingly popular option for going green and generating sustainable energy.
  • Thermoplastic roofing – an ever-increasing popular choice for commercial roofing, TPO roofing systems is characterized by its low-temperature flexibility and its tolerance for excessive heat. Plus, they are chemical, ozone, and ultraviolet resistant.


Additional services

Apart from the broad categorization of roofing requirements, we offer a myriad of additional industrial roofing services including:

  • Re-roofing and roof repairs
  • Shingles, foam, PVC, TPO and tile replacements
  • Insulation for the roof
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • Cleaning gutters
  • Roof inspections
  • Roof and skylight ventilation

We have been installing retail/industrial roofing systems for years and have provided our clients with top-quality craftsmanship and unmatched service since the beginning. Whether you need the traditional wood roofing with shingles or are looking for solar paneled roof to cut your utility bills, we can help you with all the structural and design requirements. For more information regarding the different roofing retail/industrial roofing systems that we install, contact us today and speak with a company representative. Our business representative will schedule an appointment as per your convenience and visit your location to assess and evaluate your custom requirements. Call us now and let us schedule an appointment.

Roof Repair and Restoration

Inspecting your roof on a regular basis can save you a lot of money in the future by preventing costly repairs or full restorations. This is especially important after clearing a heavy snowfall or enduring lengthy periods of wet weather. Additionally, maintaining your roof and keeping it in good condition will add value to your home if you decide to list it on the market. According to the NRCA or the National Roofing Contractors Association, you should have your roof professionally inspected twice annually with fall and spring being the optimum times to do this.

Roof Repair vs. Roof Restoration

Roof repairs are the more cost-effective and quickest solution for addressing roof leaks. In most cases, we have found that leaky roofs are attributed to flashing issues and problems. This is evidenced by changes in direction in certain areas such as around exhaust ventilation and roof-mounted A/C units or skylights and walls. These are the more common areas of the roof to inspect in fall and spring.

Roof restoration, on the other hand, involves a lengthier process, is a major repair endeavor, and is consequently more expensive than roof repairs. However, refurbishing your entire roof can dramatically increase its lifespan. We can come out to your business or home to identify any deficiencies or inconsistencies that may exist in order to determine whether or not a total roof restoration is necessary.

What to Look For

Though our roofers are always available for assessment and evaluation of your roofing requirements, if you want to do it frequently, it is good to know more about it. When you’re inspecting your roof, you have to know what to look for. Here are a few warning signs to look for:

External/exterior of the roof – look for bald, cracked, missing, or torn shingles; blistering, buckling, or curling; excess amounts of roofing granules (large grains of sand in appearance) in the gutters; flashing damage; loose materials or signs of wear around chimneys, pipes, and vents; and signs of algae growth, moisture, mold , or rot.

Internal/attic area – look for dark spots, light coming through from outside, roof deck sagging, and signs of leaks or water damage. If there are signs of mold on the inside, it is a clear indication of water seepage and this can lead to major roofing problems, if ignored.

If you notice any of these signs after thoroughly inspecting your roof, don’t put off calling us and scheduling an inspection appointment. Now is the time to catch minor problems before they become major financial issues. We know that roofing repairs are expensive and that is why working with us is affordable. We work with plenty of insurance companies and can do the complete documentation so that your claim is settled quickly. From taking photographs, filling the paperwork and filing for the claim, we work with you at every step.

Roof Sealing and Coatings

When it comes to the roof on your business or residence, longevity and sustainability are key issues. Although this is not a new concept, roof sealing and coating are becoming increasingly popular while gaining more attention and recognition. This is due in part to bottom-line considerations and increasing environmental concerns along with more stringent building codes and EPA regulations. Consequently, the focus in the roofing industry has shifted towards longevity and sustainability.


Additionally, these things have enabled engineering and maintenance managers to implement environmentally-friendly roof-management strategies while reducing costs at the same time. As a result, roof sealing and coating has become a proven solution for cost-effectively restoring an older roof and maintaining them in the process. Furthermore, this reduces the negative impact on our environment.


Benefits of Sealing and Coating a Roof


Although roof sealing and coating will not be the solution for every commercial or residential roofing problem, it provides a number of benefits when it is properly applied and maintained:


Aesthetic improvement – instead of incurring the costs of a total roof replacement or roof restoration, the appearance of the visible areas can be improved by coating them.


Increased lifespan – moderately older roofs can be coated and restored so that they remain in maintainable condition. Furthermore, a leaking roof can even be restored provided we can do the following:


  • Identify damaged areas so they can be removed and patched prior to applying the sealing or coating
  • There is a relatively low amount of insulation that has been exposed to moisture

Less construction debris to contend with – some roofing jobs can easily generate up to 40% or more in construction material waste. This will eventually get buried in a landfill. You can prevent this by having roof sealing and coating applied so as to delay more expensive repair or restorations costs in the process.

Microclimate roof maintenance and management – you can eliminate the chance of ponding (water accumulating) on sloped roofs. These areas should be sealed or coated if the roofing membrane has deteriorated and leaks are evident. Presence of mold or mildew is a sure-shot sign that there is water accumulation or leaks.

Reduced energy consumption – roof sealing and coating can effectively reduce a commercial or residential roof’s temperature thereby decreasing energy consumption during the daytime and reducing the strain on you’re A/C system.

It is best to call us and let us know about the issues that you are facing. We’d be able to recommend the best roof sealing and coating procedures and can do it, if required. Our team of quality roofers has ample experience helping homeowners and businesses prolong and protect their roofs from the ravages of time and extreme weather conditions.

Call us today and we’d schedule an appointment as convenient to you and do a complete evaluation of your roof repair and sealing needs. Contact us today!

Leak Repair and Prevention Services

Inspecting your roof in fall and spring along with a preventative maintenance schedule are the two essential keys for extending its lifespan. Services such as these are best provided by an experienced and licensed roofing contractor that is skilled in leak repair and prevention. The time to start is now, although it should have been done since Day 1. In other words, your approach to inspecting and maintaining your roof should be proactive, not reactive. This is the only way to maximize your roof system’s lifespan and protect your home.


Our company now provides customers with preventative roof maintenance schedules in order to maintain the integrity and quality of their roof. However, we also provide expert roof leak repair among our comprehensive line of roofing services. Basically, these two services are best done in conjunction with one another. Remember, the longer a roof leak goes undetected or is neglected, the greater the risk of costly property damage and expensive repairs in the future. Furthermore, the best time to check for roof leaks is immediately following heavy rains. And we offer preventive maintenance subscription at low prices to ensure that our clients never have to suffer a damaged roof. Our technicians will be right over as and when you need them or will make a visit every few weeks or month, as scheduled and check for minor repair requirements. Whether the tiles have blown off during the storm or there is a slight leak, we’ll be able to repair it immediately to ensure that it doesn’t become a bigger expense.


In order to exceed your expectations, we go beyond roofing industry standards in order to assure that you will always have our company to assist you in keeping your roof as healthy as possible. Our preventative maintenance schedule includes:

  • assurance that roof maintenance is conducted in fall and spring and provide follow-up exam and inspection
  • detailed reports of your roof’s condition at the time of inspection
  • digital pictures of affected areas needing attention
  • professional assistance from us should another contractor be brought in to address non-roof leak issues (e.g. plumbers for leaking pipes)
  • scaled down drawings of your roof system in their entirety

Additionally, as a new or first-time customer, you will be added to our company database. Our system tracks your history with us including pertinent manufacturer information as well as every project to date. We take leak prevention seriously and so should you. If you suspect that you may have a leak issue or if you just want a rundown of our comprehensive line of services, please contact us immediately and speak with a company representative. We’ll be glad to help you get complete roofing requirements including leak repairs and preventive services at the most affordable prices.

New Roof Installation

The biggest if not one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your life is your home. But ironically, the roof on your home is seldom a consideration unless there is no other choice. When it is time to put a new roof on your home, you should always consult with a professional contractor who is skilled at new roof installation, unless of course you are a skilled DIY’er specializing in roofing. In order to know what roof best suits your home’s architecture, you need the experience and knowledge that only a roofing contractor can provide.


How to tell when You need a New Roof


Most people don’t give replacing their existing roof much thought until it starts leaking or there are a number of leaks throughout the home. Chances are, if you wait until then, it’s going to cost considerably more. Let’s face it, there is a good possibility that when you finally notice that leak that there has already been some hidden structural damage which is going to add to the replacement costs.


In order to prevent those inflated expenses by procrastinating, here are some warning signs that indicate it may be time to have a new roof installed on your home:


  • Age of the roof – if it was installed properly using the right materials, the average asphalt shingle roofing system should last up to 25 years, longer in some instances. This also depends on the number of shingle layers that were installed and whether or not they were properly ventilated when it was new.


  • Cracking and curling are evident with some shingles – furthermore, some shingles will appear misshapen or warped. This is a sign that it needs to be replaced or reworked.


  • Inspect the interior of your attic for leaks and moisture – the best time to do this is after a period of heavy rainfall. If there is any signs of mold or leak, it is time to call in the roofing experts


  • Sag lines and other irregularities – shingle lines should always appear straight. So if there are areas where these lines are sagging, this could be an indication of a rotting sheath underneath.


Shingle granules in the rain gutter – when you have your roof inspected in fall and spring, our field techs will look for a build-up of what looks like sand in the trough. This needs immediate attention.


If you notice any or a combination of these problems, don’t hesitate. Call us immediately so we can schedule an inspection appointment. We work all year through and have preventive maintenance packages to ensure that our experts work effectively on your roofing requirements. We ensure that even the slightest issue is resolved immediately which ensures that major damage is avoided. However, even after this, with age and wood deterioration, you may require replacement and a new roof. For all of these requirements, we are just a call away.

Complete Roofing

Other than the foundation, the roof on your home is probably the most important single component of the entire structure. Consequently, anytime it gets damaged, you need to rely on a complete roofing specialist to assess the damage and recommend the right type of repair project to correct it. We are a fully insured and licensed roofing company with the most comprehensive line of services including installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of commercial and residential roofing.

Complete Roofing Solutions

As your complete roofing specialists, we have set our standards even higher than those mandated by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) so that we can meet or exceed the customer’s expectations every time we have completed a roofing project. We handle a wide range of the highest quality roofing products so you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you and your family is protected by the roof over your head. Most importantly, our rates are some of the most affordable in the industry. This ensures that though we charge affordably we do not compromise on the quality of services.

Why choose Our Company

Selecting the right complete roofing contractor for the job can be a daunting task. However, here are 5 reasons why our company should be your one-stop complete roofing solution specialists from now on:

  • Not only do we guarantee the work we perform, certain products are warranted by the manufacturer for up to 25 years.
  • Our field workers are skilled professionals who are knowledge of most facets of the roofing industry. When one of them arrives on the job, you can expect to see an individual who arrives on time (even early), behaves professionally, and has a clean appearance.
  • Our team of experts will inspect your roof and thoroughly document what we find, including any photographs that are taken. This will help you with your insurance claim settlements.
  • We are experienced at dealing with insurance companies whenever we are called in by virtue of a homeowner’s damage claim so it is approved faster and the job is completed quicker. You can get references on our work.
  • We only hire licensed inspectors to examine your home and ensure that all hidden damage is identified, no matter how serious it is. Additionally, all technicians and roofers at our company are insured, bonded and licensed with years of experience working on complete roofing needs.

If you have any further questions or would like more information about our complete roofing solutions, we encourage you to call us today. Whether it is torn related damage or just an old roof leaking, we’d like to be of assistance immediately. With affordable prices and quick response team of roofers available to evaluate and offer you free quotes, don’t hesitate to call us.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

In some areas of the US, major storms and the debris that comes with them can cause serious damage to homes and especially to the roof that is covering and protecting it. In Atlantic and Gulf States as well as states that are adjacent to them, hurricanes can do as much damage as a tornado, including serious flooding inland. In any case, if you incur sudden, unexpected storm damage to the roof on your home, you need to be able to contact a 24/7 emergency roofing assistance professional to restore it to its original condition. And that is where we step in.

Experienced and reliable roofers

We have been in business for years and have helped innumerable families with emergency repairs after sudden storms and hurricanes. We cannot fight nature but we can definitely help you stay safe even after the roof has been damaged.

Our team of emergency response experts is always ready to handle your needs. They are trained professionals who are highly skilled and experienced at dealing with all types of emergency roofing assistance. We will carefully examine and analyze your roof for any hidden or visible storm damage in order to identify the source of any leaking areas as well as any other potential problems that could arise in the future. In addition to our evaluation of your roof’s condition, you can be assured that our rates are very affordable.

Storm related issues and considerations

Some of the more common problems that we identify as storm-related and can provide an emergency solution for include these 3:

  • Deteriorating pipe boot – this particular type of flashing serves as the boot around the base of an exposed pipe. This is comprised of numerous components that may crack or peel away from the base of the pipe, damage that is commonly attributed to harsh weather.
  • Deteriorating shingles – it is always important to have an idea of when the roof on your home was originally installed. This will enable our specialists to estimate how much longer it should last based on the current condition.
  • Rotting fascia – the lower section of the roof covering the eaves is referred to as the “fascia.” When debris builds up above the rain gutter, this will contribute to the rotting of the fascia. Moisture gets into the eaves when that fascia is leaking. Mold and/or rot start spreading rampantly as a result causing an even bigger, costlier problem.

Thus, we ask our customers and potential clients to call us immediately after the damage is noticed. For more information on our 24/7 emergency roofing assistance, please contact us today and speak with one our company specialists. To ensure that you and your family is safe, we have a team of roofers available at all times especially during the stormy weather. We’ll reach you anywhere in the city within 20-30 minutes and employ our skills to ensure that makeshift repairs are done, especially at night before we start on permanent damage control.