Roof Sealing and Coatings

When it comes to the roof on your business or residence, longevity and sustainability are key issues. Although this is not a new concept, roof sealing and coating are becoming increasingly popular while gaining more attention and recognition. This is due in part to bottom-line considerations and increasing environmental concerns along with more stringent building codes and EPA regulations. Consequently, the focus in the roofing industry has shifted towards longevity and sustainability.


Additionally, these things have enabled engineering and maintenance managers to implement environmentally-friendly roof-management strategies while reducing costs at the same time. As a result, roof sealing and coating has become a proven solution for cost-effectively restoring an older roof and maintaining them in the process. Furthermore, this reduces the negative impact on our environment.


Benefits of Sealing and Coating a Roof


Although roof sealing and coating will not be the solution for every commercial or residential roofing problem, it provides a number of benefits when it is properly applied and maintained:


Aesthetic improvement – instead of incurring the costs of a total roof replacement or roof restoration, the appearance of the visible areas can be improved by coating them.


Increased lifespan – moderately older roofs can be coated and restored so that they remain in maintainable condition. Furthermore, a leaking roof can even be restored provided we can do the following:


  • Identify damaged areas so they can be removed and patched prior to applying the sealing or coating
  • There is a relatively low amount of insulation that has been exposed to moisture

Less construction debris to contend with – some roofing jobs can easily generate up to 40% or more in construction material waste. This will eventually get buried in a landfill. You can prevent this by having roof sealing and coating applied so as to delay more expensive repair or restorations costs in the process.

Microclimate roof maintenance and management – you can eliminate the chance of ponding (water accumulating) on sloped roofs. These areas should be sealed or coated if the roofing membrane has deteriorated and leaks are evident. Presence of mold or mildew is a sure-shot sign that there is water accumulation or leaks.

Reduced energy consumption – roof sealing and coating can effectively reduce a commercial or residential roof’s temperature thereby decreasing energy consumption during the daytime and reducing the strain on you’re A/C system.

It is best to call us and let us know about the issues that you are facing. We’d be able to recommend the best roof sealing and coating procedures and can do it, if required. Our team of quality roofers has ample experience helping homeowners and businesses prolong and protect their roofs from the ravages of time and extreme weather conditions.

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