Snow Removal

snow-removal-framinghamOne of the major wintertime jobs, snow removal is an essential aspect of everyday living. At our snow removing services, we offer a range of services including commercial snow removal, sidewalk shoveling, ice-control and snow plowing services. Offering our range of services to Universities, retailers and businesses in Massachusetts for over a decade, we are a name to reckon with. Our snow removing service has set the standards of timeliness, professionalism and safety while providing commercial and corporate clients with snow-free driveways and parking bays.

It is typical of cities in Massachusetts to receive 25 to 30 inches of snow every winter. With freezing temperature, sleet and snow, it can become a serious hazard for businesses and that is why our services are needed. Our company has a high employee retention rate which assures our customers that they will get personalized attention, irrespective of the weather conditions. You won’t have to worry about shortage of employees working at your project anytime.

Extensive Range of Equipment and Services

We have an exclusive line of dump trucks, bobcats, snow plows and front end loaders to service sidewalks and parking lots. With radio communication with each vehicle, there is strong communication ensuring quick backup if there is any issue. Some of the offered services include:

  • Sidewalks sanding
  • Commercial snow removal
  • Snow plowing and relocation
  • De-icing parking lots
  • Ice management services

Safety is our priority and our affordable services ensure that from mom and pop stores to corporations can avail our services. We started in 1994 and with over a decade of experience in removing snow and ice, we have managed to retain a host of clients since then, apart from adding more with referrals over the years. We know that time is of essence and we work with a firm timeline ensuing that the work is completed as quickly as possible. Our commercial snow plowing company recognized the demand for ice and snow removal services long back and that is why owns its own snow moving equipment. This ensures that there is no question of renting poor quality equipment at any point in time.

Quality and Safety Standards

Today J & R Construction is one of the select few companies that offers world class snow removing service and has the manpower to fulfill snow removal procedure irrespective of the size of the project. The monitoring tools at crew and snow removal teams to be alert and ready to perform ice removal procedures at a minute’s notice.

We have grown as a company, with one of the important services providers in the snow removal systems. The secret of our success lies in providing quality services on time. All safety standards are maintained at all times while ensuring that our employees, customers and clients are secure. With a fleet of area managers looking after commercial snow plowing, they maintain direct communication with the command center ensuring better coordination. Additionally, our Snow Removing Services are available 24/7 whether you need our services at night or during the day our on-site team will be able to assist you.

24/7 Emergency Snow Removal Services

The unpredictability of the weather in Massachusetts is not lost on us and that is one of the reasons that as soon as winter sets in, our teams are always on the alert for dispatch to any part of Framingham and even the other surrounding cities. We ensure that we clear the paths for you anytime, assuring safety on roads and within the commercial areas. All employees and snow removal experts have years of experience working in difficult blizzards, storms and heavy snow apart from being able to operate all snow removal equipment. They are licensed, insured and bonded while they continue to attend workshops and training to seamlessly operate new and technologically advanced equipment.

If you need commercial snow removal services, please give us a call. We are right here to discuss your project and assist you with your needs. Call us for a free quote today!